Saturday Courses

Too busy with work and other commitments during the week? We now have a range of Saturday courses available from creative writing, urban sketching to social media marketing. So whether you want to discover a new hobby, learn a new skill or explore mindfulness there is something for you amongst our Saturday courses.

Creative Writing Taster

Have you thought about writing short stories, novels, poems or plays but never been quite sure what’s really involved? Our Creative Writing Taster will give you the opportunity to explore the craft with structured exercises. The taster course is also an excellent introduction to our termly creative writing course.

Creative Writing

Take advantage of the structure of writing in a supportive group, in which you can critique each others work and develop your skills through reading, short exercises to inspire ideas and discussion. Learn basic tools of the trade such as how to create and develop characters, plot,structure and narrative.

Social Media Marketing Taster

Try our taster to get a feel for the range social media available to market your skills and services. You can progress from here to the six-week Social Media and Marketing course.

Democracy – Pros and Cons

Plato hated it, Bertrand Russell loved it, Jean-Jacques Rousseau thought it couldn’t be done. The greatest minds are divided when it comes to the value of democracy. This course focuses on the meaning, the pitfalls and benefits, of democratic systems. We will consider the work of important thinkers such as Aristotle and John Stuart Mill to explore if political values such as equality and liberty are truly compatible with democracy.

Mindfulness – Meditation and Mindful Walking

Make time for yourself on this Saturday class. Learn the art of meditation and how to extend it to bring calm into your everyday life.

Mindfulness – Journaling and its Health Benefits

Learn journaling tips to help you heal, grow and thrive.

Trace Transfer Printing

On this course you will learn how to create your own bespoke prints without a press. You will have the chance to experiment and make a number of prints using water and oil based inks and watercolour paint.

Mono Printing – Chine Colle (Collage) and Collagraphy

Create one-off prints without a press using different thickness of papers and collage materials using waterbased inks.

Mono Printing – Graphic Lettering

Create one-off prints without a press using handmade stencils, feathers, leaves and other found textures on a gelatine base, using waterbased inks and acrylics.

Urban Sketching – People

Sketch individuals and groups of people in locations such as shopping centres, cafes and stations. Learn how to capture different postures and movement to bring your sketches to life.

Urban Sketching – Green Spaces

Sketch in local Walpole Park and learn how to capture the essence of the city landscape with dry materials.

Urban Sketching – Buildings

Sketch the eclectic architecture in Ealing centre and learn how to use perspective to improve your portrayal of the urban skyline and details.